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Kerning RM,
Kerning TCB,
Astrolabe TCB,
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Don't drink the milk!?

[...] flows through the line break or ends at it.,
{dys} functional,
2 September 2019


OCR Skyline Project

Kerning TCB

Darcey Bella Arnold, Fernando do Campo, Mitchel Cumming, Emmalyn Hawthorne, Sebastian Moody, Aaron Perkins

The typographic process of kerning ensures the readability of a text by adjusting the space between its individual letters. In a well-kerned text this process is invisible; it simply ‘looks right’. Yet we live in an age when what ‘looks right’ has often been insidiously engineered to remove any space for interpretation or nuance. Bringing together text artists from Naarm, Meanjin and the Gadigal and Bidjigal lands of the Eora nation, Kerning navigates the spaces between letters, words and sentences to consider with both scepticism and wonder the spaces within language.

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First iteration of Kerning
TCB Art Inc., Naarm/Melbourne, 2023.
Photographs 1-3 by Alex Hobba, 4-13 by Aaron Rees.
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This colour will take you somewhere else.

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